How to Write Blog Post Using Free Google Blogger

How to Write Blog Post Using Free Google Blogger

Hello! how are are you. it good for us to keep disseminating little knowledge we are blessed with to general public. today we are going to show you how to create post, when you have successfully created your blog. on our previous post we teach you how to create blog, so if you don’t no how to create blog, scroll down on the this page to see the topic bellow this post.

Now let get the ball rolling, when you want to create post on your blog, first of all make sure that you choose a very interesting article which people will be interested with, because the purpose of creating post on you blog is to drive traffic to your blog, so with that you have put a little effort to make sure that your post make sense. after you have reason a very good topic to write on, you log in to your google account as show you earlier in our previous post, then you click on your blog, it will take to a page shown bellow then you click on create post

when you click on create post, a new page will open as shown bellow, so dont forget to give your post a title, then you start typing what your want to give to your audience to read

when you dont with what you want to type, then you can arrange your post, mostly if your are good on manipulating any test editor you get all the feature on the above bar.

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on how to manipulate blog post editor, we will discuss about that in our subsequent post.

have a great day ahead. if you like our post you can comment on it.

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