Desktop Appreciation



Desktop Appreciation

On this section we going to look briefly on desktop appreciation. You may wonder what desktop appreciation is. Don’t worry it just another round of introducing you to all what you see on your computer window, how it they are arranged and some basic function which they dose on the computer window. When they say desktop appreciation I want you to recall back your memory on the different type of computer we have. When the development of computer begins, they group them on basis of first, second, third, and fourth generation. We are going into detail of that for now, we shall discuss that later on the cause of our discussion to origin of computer but for now let focus on the main topic at hand which desktop appreciation.

When putting your computer, it has 3 step it take before finally it get to window environment. Which

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Power on: which have explain in our previous topic introduction to computer.

Secondly booting: booting is the second step when you press power on of a computer, booting is carried out automatically by the computer when power on is pressed. The function of booting is to loading your application to window environment of which where you begging working with, booting is carried out with the help of a hardware component of the computer called RAM, the RAM come in different capacity, so as such the speed of which booting take place depend on the capacity of the RAM in the computer system. RAM (Read access Memory).

The third stage is refreshing after booting, and this is done automatically again after booting, but in some case you may refresh the computer yourself if the automatic refreshing is delay, due to some technical problems.

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Now you are on you window as shown below


Now on the window you can see different icon on the window as shown above, the icon represent different type of application you have install on your computer, each of the application has it function, e.g

Micorsoft word: is typing editor application is often use for type setting graphic design, and type editing.

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Corel Drew: the main function of this application is design. Corel drew is used to carried out different type of drawing.

Power point: this is a presentation application. Power point is used for presentation and sometime graphic design and type setting. Etc.

We will discuss on each of the application as we proceed with our study.

As a beginner you must be able to arrange the application you see in a sequential other bellow video will teach you that;

Video not yet available

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