How to power Off a Computer System


In previous discussion, we introduce you to computer, on that topic we discuss on how to power ON a computer system. Now we going to discuss on how to power OFF a computer system.

Computer is not like your television or other electronic which you can press power on to on and off the system, no computer is a unique machine which where manufacture differently with other machine, as such if you want to follow the procedure you use to put ON the computer to OFF it, you are going to cause damage to your computer. So we going to teach how to put OFF your computer system in a simple way.

Firstly before you put OFF a system, make sure that you don’t have open unsaved work, if you do, make sure you save the work and close it before try to shut OFF the computer system. The reason is that unsaved work is on read access memory only, as such when you put OFF the computer with force without  saving the work, you can never retrieved the work back. Because the work is not store on permanent storage which is the hard disk.  So if you don’t want to lose your work make sure that you save it before putting OFF the computer system. Now after you have close all your open application, follow the step below on the computer systems to shut OFF the system.


  1. Click on start on the base of the left hand side of the computer window as shown bellowcomputer window
  2. When click on the area circle in the above picture, it will take to another page shown bellowpower off
  3. As show on the picture above click on power, when you click on power it will take you the next page, as show bellowshut down
  4. Click on shut down circle on the above picture. You are done you system will shut down safely on it own

    That is all.

    On our net topic will going to discus on Aplication

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