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Question 1 : ___ type of definition has truth value
A. extensional definition
B. theoretical definition
C. Heuristic definition
D. Lexical definition

Answer to question 1 is D. Lexical definition

Question 2 : “We are going to deal with anyone who fails to vote Mr Ajayi in the upcoming election.” This is an example of ___fallacy
A. ad bacculum
B. argument against the man
C. straw man
D. tu quogue

Answer to question 2 is B. ad bacculum

Question 3 : “Let’s eat grandma,” is an example of ___fallacy
A. fallacy of pity
B. fallacy of amphiboly
C. fallacy of composition
D. fallacy of equivocation

Answer to question 3 is A. Fallacy of pity

Question 4 : Categorical syllogism asserts or deny ___ between classes
A. premises
B. logic
C. relationship
D. propositions

Answer to question 4 is C. relationship

Question 5 : ___ is not an example of fallacy of ambiguity
A. fallacy of pity
B. fallacy of amphiboly
C. fallacy of equivocation
D. fallacy of composition

Answer to question 5 is A. fallacy of pity


Question 6 : Every categorical syllogism contains ___
A. one term
B. three terms
C. two terms
D. four terms

Answer to question 6 is B. three terms


Question 7 : “All students are good” is an example of __
A. univeral positive proposition
B. universal negative proposition
C. particular negative proposition
D. particular positive proposition

Answer to question 7 is A. universal positive proposition

Question 8 : ___ is the branch of ethics concerned with logic of ethical arguments
A. meta ethics
B. normative ethics
C. applied ethics
D. prescriptive ethics

Answer to question 8 is A. meta ethics

Question 9 : “I am having my girlfriend for dinner,” is a fallacy of ambiguity because
A. It is an euphemism for saying I will have sex with my girlfriend this evening
B. I want to eat dinner with a girl who is not married to me
C. it conveys more than one meaning
D. I want to practice cannibalism on my girlfriend

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Answer to question 9 is C. it conveys more than one meaning

Question 10 : The letter “P” in categorical syllogism represents ___
A. Minor term
B. Major term
C. Middle term
D. Inclusive term

Answer to question 10 is B. Major term

Question 11 : ___ is not a characteristics of a syllogism
A. Has independent conclusion
B. Has at least three propositions
C. Has at least two propositions
D. Has one conclusion

Answer to question 11 is C. Has at least two propositions

Question 12 : ___ is not a type of definition
A. Lexical definition
B. Heuristic definition
C. theoretical definition
D. extensional definition

Answer to question 12 is B. Heuristic definition


Question 13 : My car is heavy. Therefore, the side mirrors to my car are heavy. This is an example of ___ fallacy
A. fallacy of division
B. fallacy of composition
C. ad cumbum fallacy
D. dubiousity fallacy

Answer to question 13 is A. fallacy of division

Question 14 : “A is A” expresses __ law of thought
A. law of excluded middle
B. law of contradiction
C. identity
D. inclusivity

Answer to question 14 is C. identity

Question 15 : Teachers are good. Adamu is a teacher. Therefore, Adamu is good. ___ is the major term of this categorical syllogism
A. Teachers
B. Good
C. Adamu
D. None of the above

Answer to question 15 is A. Teachers

Question 16 : The art of attributing qualities of part of a whole to the whole is refered to as ____
A. fallacy of division
B. ad cumbum fallacy
C. fallacy of composition
D. dubiousity fallacy

Answer to question 16 is C. fallacy of composition

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Question 17 : The Greek word for knowledge is __
A. euthyphro
B. episteme
C. apologia
D. alithia

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Answer to question 17 is B. episteme

Question 18 : The terms of a categorical syllogism does not include ___
A. middle term
B. major term
C. minor term
D. inclusive term

Answer to question 18 is D. inclusive

Question 19 : “Pastor, you are advising me against armed robbery, were you not the one caught with Ogbuefi’s wife?” This is an example of ____
A. situational ad hominem
B. abusive ad hominem
C. circumstantial ad hominem
D. tu quoque ad hominem

Answer to question 19 is C. Circcumstantial ad hominem

Question 20 : ___ and __ are two types of affirmo
A. universal and essential
B. univeral and particular
C. Paricular and incubative
D. particular and essential

Answer to question 20 is B. universal and particular

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