Question 1 : Force per unit charge is called

A.  Gravitational field strength
B. flux density
C. Charge unit
D. electric field strength

Answer to is D. electric field strength

Question 2 : Electrolytic capacitors have capacitances of upto

A. 100μF
B. 100000μF
C. 10μF
D. 15μF

Answer to question 2 is B. 100000μF

Question 3 : According to ohm's law the potential difference is proportional to the

A. voltage
B. current
C. temperature
D.  velocity

Answer to question 3 is B. current

Question 4 : The ----------- of a battery is the chemical energy converted into electrical energy when unit charge is passed through it

A.  Potential difference
B.  circuit force
C.  battery voltage
D.  E.M.F

Answer to question 4 is A. potential difference

Question 5 : Which law stated that an induced e.m.f flows in such a direction as to oppose the motion producing it

A. newton's
B. coulomb's
C. Lenz's
D. faraday's

Answer to question 5 is D. faradays

Question 6 : An electrolytic capacitor consist of two electrodes of ------------ positive and negative plates

A.  copper
B.  cobalt
C.  aluminium
D.  steel

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Answer to question 6 is C. aluminum

Question 7 : Capacitance is measured in

A. C/V
C. V/m

Answer to question 7 is A. C/V

Question 8 : The force on a current-carrying conductor is greatest when the conductor is at ------------ to the field

A. right angles
B. acute angles
C. opposite direction
D. parallel lines

Answer to question 8 is A. right angles

Question 9 : The SI Unit of electromotive force is

A. ohmmetre
B. Ampere
C. Newton
D. Volt

Answer to question 9 is D. volt

Question 10 : A magnetic material is one which is capable of being

A. attractive
B. ironized
C. magnetized
D. repulsive

Answer to question 10 is C. magnetized

Question 11 : there are two types of electrolytic capacitors which are the

A. wet and dry
B. liquid and solid
C. electron and proton
D. iron and steel

Answer to question 11 is A. wet and dry electrolytic capacitors

Question 12 : Capacitors are classified into two, namely

A. series and parallel
B. small and large
C. dielectric and insulators
D. fixed and variable

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Answer to question 12 is D. flexible and variable

Question 13 : The unit of magnetic flux density is

A. A/M
B.  N/Am
C. N/A
D. N/m

Answer to question 13 is B. N/Am

Question 14 : The process of magnetising an object made of magnetic material simply by bringing a magnet near is called

A. remagnetisation
B. induced magnetism
C. demagnetization
D. magnetism

Answer to question 14 is B. induced magnetism

Question 15 : The resistivity of a semi conductor decreases rapidly with increasing -----------

A. temperature
B. surface area
C. resistance
D. voltage

Answer to question 15 is A. temperature

Question 16 : The force acting per unit current lenght is called

A. magnetic field strenght
B. magnetic flux density
C. resistivity
D. current flux

Answer to question 156is B. magnetic flux density

Question 17 : The maximum electric field a material can withstand without the occurence of breakdown is called

A. capacitive strenght
B. None of these
C. conductive strenhgt
D. dielectric strength

Answer to question 17 is D. dielectric strength

Question 18 : A Capacitor whose capacitance vary continously can be use for

A. tuning radio receivers
B. breaking circuits
C. breakdown
D. None of these

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Answer to question 18 is A. turning radio receiver

Question 19 : A neutral point is defined as a point at which the resultant magnetic flux density is

A. repulsive
B. zero
C. highly dense
D. one

Answer to question 19 is B. zero

Question 20 : The unit of permeabilty of a medium

A. H/m
B. m/H
C. H
D. Ωm

Answer to question 20 is A. H/m

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