GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA2 question and aswer

GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA2

Question 1 : One of the following is NOT usually used in descriptive writing ______
A. measurements: weight, size, volume, distance
B. temporal issues
C. place and position; direction
D. shapes and patterns

Answer to question 1. B. temporal issue

Question 2 : Re-‘ in letter writing indicates that the letter is _________
A. reply to a new issue
B. a referral letter
C. reply to an earlier letter
D. a reference letter

Answer to question 2. B a referral letter

Question 3 : Which of the following words contain the sound /a:/
A. want
B. calm
C. daughter
D. add

Answer to question 3. C. daughter

Question 4 : One of the following words does not have /:/ as in ‘birds’
A. urge
B. dearth
C. bed
D. perk

Answer to question 4. B death

Question 5 : Neither Peter nor his wife______ considerate
A. is
B. are
C. were
D. his

Answer to question 5. A. is

Question 6 : The language used in reporting an experiment should be_______
A. impersonal
B. objective
C. formal
D. informal

Answer to question 6. C. formal


Question 7 : In the sentence, ‘The fishermen have been fishing all night long’, the tense form is_________
A. present perfect continuous
B. present continuous
C. present
D. present perfect

Answer to question 7. B. present continuous

Question 8 : One of the following is NOT correct about writing reports of experiments ______
A. It should follow a logical order
B. It should be informal and private
C. It should avoid ambiguous statements
D. It should be clear, brief and to the point

Answer to question 8. B. it should be informal and private

Question 9 : Examples are used in paragraph development to __________.
A. present the writer’s perspective
B. persuade the reader that the generalization is correct
C. expand the writing
D. identify issues

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. Answer to question 9. A. present the writers perspective

Question 10 : Maiduguri was occupied by _______ soldiers.
A. the
B. a
C. an
D. them

Answer to question 10. A. the

Question 11 : The ________ is commonly found in formal writing.
A. passive voice
B. closed voice
C. active voice
D. open voice

Answer to question 11. C. active

Question 12 : In the sentence, ‘She was always out of school during the weekends in her undergraduate days’ the tense form is_______
A. simple tense
B. past continuous
C. past tense
D. simple past tense

Answer to question 12. B. past continuous

Question 13 : I am not _______ good judge of poetry.
A. a
B. some
C. an
D. the

Answer to question 13. A. a

Question 14 : Letters of request and letters of complaint are types of _________ letters
A. formal
B. retrieval
C. reformal
D. order

Answer to question 14. A. formal

Question 15 : which of the following does not have /ts/ in its initial sound
A. choose
B. church
C. champion
D. chaos

Answer to question 15. D. chaos

Question 16 : The extra force used in speaking, on a particular word or syllable in English is ___________ .
A. Word Stress
B. Word Strength
C. Word Force
D. Speech Stress

Answer to question 16. A. Stress

Question 17 : Beginning a paragraph with a topic sentence ________
A. allows the building of the sentence to the topic
B. allows for an effective summary
C. helps both the reader and the writer
D. makes the paragraph more interesting

Answer to question 17, try it yourself and give us feedback via comment on this post.

Question 18 : The only way to learn how to summarise is for one to __________.
A. Communicate
B. Demonstrate
C. Practice
D. Tremble

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Answer to question 18. C. practice

Question 19 : He had a serious accident while getting off a ________ bus.
A. move
B. moving
C. movement
D. going

Answer to question 19. B. moving

Question 20 : Which of the following may not form the topic sentence of a paragraph?
A. a generalisation
B. a statement
C. a good rhyme scheme
D. a problem

Answer to question 20. B. a statement

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