Is Hapatitis B Deadly?


Hello fellow, am a medical lab scientist, and I have work for over 10 years now, but there is one thing I observed from many people especially the Nigerians. The awareness they create for HIV and Ebola was lacking in terms of hepatitis B virus of which it not supposed to be so, yes we know that it did not kill but it can kill if you have it and you are not taken good care of yourself, if someone has the virus, it might not harm him that harbor the virus but what about the people around him, they could be infected, of which they will also be contributing to the spread of the virus. Hepatitis b virus, it major area of target is the liver of which if the person was a smoker, it will facilitate the damage of the liver within a short period of time so please let crate awareness for hepatitis B. the goodness of the virus is that, there is vaccine for it, if you are infected and you know that you are infected, before you sleep with your love once get him or her vaccinated, the vaccine is free, and is three dose which the person have to take, after that, that  is final the person can never be infected again even you make love with him/her without protection. The procedure is very simple but people did not take it serious.

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