GST107 Good study Guide TMA3 complete qustion and answer

GST107 Good study Guide TMA3

  1. An example of the misuse of online information mostly perpetuated by student_____?

Answer is plagiarizing assignment

  1. The Kolb’s reflective learning circle is so named because_____?

Answer is it is a continous process

  1. The entire set of people from which one can collect data is called_______ in statistic

Answer is population

  1. The acronym which stand as a checklist to judge the reliability of web information is ______

Answer is PROMPT

  1. Some of the issue that might arise in class discussion group____?

Answer is alienation and frustration

  1. Skill, experience and knowledge required to read numbers udes in academic discourse is known as?

Answer is numeracy

  1. Pick two variable that can affect group work and discussion group____

Answer is tutoring style social diversity

  1. One way of tackling the challenge of unfamiliar words is by the use of ______

Answer is actual cards

  1. In open university system_______ is used in place of lecturer

Answer is tutor

  1. Ideas and experience can be place at what stage of Kolb’s reflective learning circles?

Answer is planning

  1. Gathering and working on large set of numbers to presents summaries of their features is a function of _____

Answer is statistics

  1. A person with the ability to access, evaluate, organize, and use information from a variety of sources, is said to be_____

Answer is information literate

  1. Mention two things to do when you encounter problems while using computer_____

Answer is shut down or wait it out

  1. Learning practical things will involve one of these_____

Answer is reflecting on experience

  1. Learning cannot be achieved by_______
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Answer is praying hard

  1. In the correct order, identify action that will enable you get the most from discussion groups ___

Answer is belonging, preparing, listening, takings note, and speaking

  1. In presentation, some basic rule to be observed include______

Answer is simplicity and clarity

  1. From the option provided, identify two of the eight basic tools of academics source _______

Answer is debate s and explanation

  1. A transient sharps or downward movement, as on a graph or table reading is called ______

Answer is blip

  1. All but one, are ways to cope with obstacles that come with voluminous reading______

Answer is patient with academic writing style

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