Laboratory Practical Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal Using CuO

Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal Using CuO

This practical is all about to teach you how to prepare aldehyde from ethanol.

Material that is required for the practical are;

  1. 10ml of Ethanol C2H5OH
  2. Copper wire

Equipment are;

  1. Safety Google
  2. Test tube
  3. Test tube holder on a stand
  4. Tongs
  5. Bunsen burner


Step 1

Place the test tube on the test tube stand, and the ethanol to it

Step 2

Light the Bunsen burner, then heat the copper wire on an open flame until it turn black, that carbon monoxide (CuO)

Step 3

Immediately insert the hot copper wire into the test tube containing ethanol.

Leave the solution with copper to cool, the solution remaining in the test tube after cooling is your end product.


  1. Write down the original colour of copper wire
  2. Write the chemical equation between copper and ethanol
  3. Describe your observation immediately hot copper wire is inserted into the tube containing ethanol
  4. Notice the colour change
  5. Write down the chemical equation between copper wire and oxygen.

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