Preparation of Thin and Thick Smear


Smear simple mean the preparation of sample for microscopic examination on a microscopic slide. There are two type of smear; which are thick and thin smear.

Thick smear

This is type of smear is make by dropping 2-2 small volume of blood sample on a clean grease free slide and make a circle like a kobo shape.

As shown in the picture below

This is mostly used with stain for examination of malaria parasite and other microorganism.

Thin smear

This is a type of smear make by dropping small volume of blood on clean grease free slide on the middle end, and a spreader is used to spread the sample immediately so that it slope backward to give the thin films.

As shown in the picture below

Point to know is that film is applicable to any type of specimen either been blood, or colony from culture, pus, etc.

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