Question 1. ________ is the smallest part of an element that retain it properties when it take part in chemical reaction?

  1. Atom
  2. Element
  3. Proton
  4. Electron
  5. Neutron

Question 2. What is name of orbit in the outer part of an atom?

  1. Valence
  2. Valence Shell
  3. Orbital
  4. Electron Orbital
  5. Atomic Orbital

Question 3. The minimum electron charge is donated by____________?

  1. e= 1.6 x 10-19C
  2. C = 1.6 x 10-19C
  3. E= 1.6 x 10-19c
  4. h=6.6 x 10-4-34js
  5. none of the above

Question 4. What is the radius of atomic nucleus?

  1. 0 x 10-16
  2. 10-16m
  3. 200cm
  4. 10-16cm
  5. 023m
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Question 5. Charge carry by electron and proton are equal and?

  1. Parallel
  2. Positive
  3. Opposite
  4. Spherical
  5. Singly charged

Question 6. According to their mass and presented as spectrum as measured using mass spectrometer, one version of this device is known as?

  1. Spectrophotometry
  2. Colorimeter
  3. Bean spectrophotometer
  4. Bainbridge mass spectrometer
  5. Black body radiant

Question 7. The charge particles from the velocity selector enter________?

  1. Cathode ray
  2. Spectrum line
  3. Second magnetic field
  4. None of the above
  5. All of the above

Question 8. _________ Field ions move in semicircles of radius before striking a ___________?

  1. Atomic and Nucleus
  2. Electron and Proton
  3. Second magnetic and photographic plate
  4. Wave function and frequency
  5. Electric and magnetic field
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Question 9. _______ is an element with different mass number but the same proton number?

  1. Proton and electron
  2. Electron and Neutron
  3. Proton and neutron
  4. Isotope
  5. Isomorphism

Question 10. Any naturally occurring sample of chlorine contains 35CL and 37CL in proportion of 75.53%: 24.47% for sample of 100 atoms of 100 atom of chlorine, determine the average mass of chlorine?

  1. 50
  2. 49
  3. 75
  4. 50
  5. 75

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