Question of Analytical chemistry CHM202  TMA 1


Question of Analytical chemistry 202  TMA 1

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Question 1. ___________ is the controllable and uncontrollable changes observed in comparing measure with true value?

  1. Measurement
  2. Different
  3. Error
  4. None of the Above
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Question 2. How many type of Error did we have?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 3

Question 3. What area of chemistry make use of statistic

  1. Organic chemistry
  2. Inorganic chemistry
  3. Analytical chemistry
  4. Physical chemistry

Question 4. ______________ is also called determinate error?

  1. Determine error
  2. Systematic error
  3. Known error
  4. Instrumental error

Question 5. ___________ is the type of error encounter when the glassware are not properly calibrated?

  1. Faulty Error
  2. Glassware Error
  3. Instrumental Error
  4. Fragile Error
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Question 6. Which type of error that cannot be totally avoided in the laboratory?

  1. Unavoidable error
  2. Random error
  3. Operative error
  4. Methodic Error

Question 7. These are error _____________ in the analytical method?

  1. Determination
  2. Distribution
  3. Inherent
  4. Sensitive

Question 8. Instrumental error, operative error, and methodic error, are which type of errors?

  1. Systematic Error
  2. Analytical error
  3. Correlational error
  4. None of the above

Question 9. What are the specialty of analytical chemistry?

  1. Dealing with qualitative and quantitative analysis
  2. Examination of error in chemistry
  3. Is not branch of chemistry
  4. All of the above
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Question 10. _____________ is the method of comparing the absolute uncertainty to the volume of the associated measurement?

  1. Relative error
  2. Variable error
  3. Instrumental error
  4. Systematic error


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