Hot Oven Method of Sterilization


Hot Oven


we going to discuss on a Ho Oven on this post, if we can recall we have discuss on a verious type of sterilization which include; Sterilization Techniques in medical LaboratoryVerious Sterilization technique in the medical laboraotry and Using High Temprature for Sterilization on this we beging with what hot oven sterilation are. Hot oven Is also a method of sterilization applied with the used of constructed instrument called hot oven. Hot oven are used to sterilized a material that will not be affected within the temperature of 160-180ºC  and this method should be used on a material that is not suit able for autoclaving, such as; sterilization of dry glass ware, and material that did not require water, example; powder, wax and oils etc.

Hot air oven
Hot Oven

Air has low power to conduct heat, in other to achieved best result, oven has an in build fan which help regulate the air inside the oven, such that the convection take a desire effect. Also as poor conductor of heat, the oven should not be congested with load, because when hot oven is congested it will prevent the circulation of hot air in the oven there by cause improper sterilization. Time for sterilization is 160ºC for 1 hour or 180ºC for 30 minute.

Oven is a poor conductor, in this case when calculating time of exposure i.e powder contain in a 125 jar, it take 45 minute to reach the operating point of 160ºC since the sterilization in 160ºC then if the sterilization is going to last for 4 hour then the sterilization of the powder time must be adjusted by increasing the time. It very important to allowed the oven to cool before removing the sterilized material from it.

Do to quick concentration of air in the container; unsterilized air can be drone in, which sometime may even cause damage to the glassware do to quick cooling.


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