Question 1. While preparing a stock solution ammonium nitrate, a technologist weighed 0.5g of substance which actually is 0.7g with a faulty analytical balance. The type of error that occurred is called?
Answer is instrumental error
Question 2. Write 61000 is two significant figure?
Answer is 6.1 x104
Question 3. The range which the true value might fall within a given probability is called?
Answer is confidence interval
Question 4. _____ measure how closely data cluster about the means
Answer is standard deviation
Question 5. Systematic error is called__________?
Answer is determinate error
Question 6. The nature of ______ must be the same with that of population and remain so through the analytical exercise
Answer is sample
Question 7. Assuming you participate in an acid-base titration class, when taken your reading you recorded volume of acid as 13.50ml instead of 18.50ml, what will you called this type of error you have introduced?
Answer is operative error
Question 8. When the pollution from which sample to be taken is heterogeneous with respect to parameter or variable under study_________ method is employed to obtain the sample
Stratified sampling
Question 9. A type of sampling technique needs the population to be divided into varying homogenous group or strata and from these, random sample is drawn from each strata and pooled together. This sampling techniques is?
Answer is stratified sampling
Question 10. ________ is the operation involved in procuring a laboratory size of a substance, this true representative of a whole lot for a particular analytical exercise?
Answer is sampling

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