phy202 modern physics TMA

Question 1. When the charge particle move in the straight horizontal line through the fields, the magnetic force is______ to electric field?

Answers is equal

Question 2. _________ is s record of the chemical constituent of a substance separated according to their mass and presented as a spectrum measured using spectrometer?

Answer is mass spectrum

Question 3. If ion are positively charged, the _____________ upwards?

Answer is beam deflects

Question 4. The centripetal force is equal to __________=?

Answer is magnetic force

Question 5. Element with unequal mass number but equal atomic number is called what?

Answer is isotope

Question 6. Any naturally occurring sample of chlorine contain 32Cl and 37Cl in the proportion 75.55%:. For a sample ofc100 atoms of 100 atoms of chlorine, determine the average mass of chlorine?

Answer is 35.57

Now show the step to solve this problems


Average mass = 35 x 75.53/100 + 37 x 24.47/100

= 35.50 ans
Question 7. One version of this device is known as?

Answer is Bainbridge mass spectrometer

Question 8. This is achieved by a combination of of vertical downward of electric field that is ____________ to a magnetic field?

Answer is perpendicular

Question 9. What is the formula to calculate centripetal force?

Answer is F = mv2/r

Question 10. What separate electric field with magnetic field in mass spectrometer?

Answer is photographic plate.

Now answer this question what is photographic plate?

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