Question 1. There are_____ working environments in PowerPoint?

Answer is two

Question 2. PowerPoint is an ______?

Answer is application program for presentation

Question 3. How do you display a presentation on your computer?

Answer is by running a slide show

Question 4. In slide view, you can work with _____slides at a time?

Answer is one

Question 5. How many tabbed categories, in the new presentation dialog box, can be choose from when creating a presentation?

Answer is two

Question 6. To insert a new slide into a presentation, you ____?

Answer is click on the next slide button on the standard toolbar

Question 7. What object do PowerPoint enables you to create using a set of o tools located on the drawing toolbar?

Answer is drawn object

Question 8. Two of the buttons that are found on the drawing toolbar are draw and?

Answer is Auto draw

Question 9. Graphic images is called_____?

Answer is graphics

Question 10. With wordArt toolbar, you can _____?

Answer is create and Edit text

Question 11. Browser is _____,?

Answer is software tools for looking at web pages

Question 12. MAN stand for?

Answer is metropolitan area networking

Question 13. e-mail is shorter for?

Answer is electronic mail

Question 14. Internet is a an_______?

Answer is global network

Question 15. A web page is______?

Answer is hypermedia documents on the web

Question 16. GIGO is short for?

Answer is garbage in and garbage out

Question 17. PKZIP is what?

Answer is shareware for PCs

Question 18. HTTP stand for?

Answer is hypertext transfer protocol

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Question 19. A file server is a _____?

Answer is Computer that provide access for remote users

Question 20. Microsoft outlook provides _______?

Answer is e-mail

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