BIO191 General practical Biology TMA 2 Question and answer

Question 1. An aspirator is a device use for collection of________?

Answer is small insects

Question 2. An aspirator has _____ tubes?

Answer is two

Question 3. The pteridophyte are _______ producing vascular plants?

Answer is spore

Question 4. The transverse section of the stem of waters leaf is made in the lab using?

Answer is scarpel

Question 5. Used culture plate are better sterilized in the laboratory using______?

Answer is autoclave

Question 6. Dissecting tray contain_____?

Answer is tray

Question 7. The culture of micro organism is best done in the laboratory using?

Answer is open lab table

Question 8. The operational range of temperature in an incubator is between ______?

Answer is 24-40°C

Question 9. In the operation of an autoclave when the discharge outlet valves is closed______ minute are needed for sterilization ?

Answer is 20

Question 10. The label of stock solution in the laboratory should contain all except one of these information?

Answer is Name of the person that prepared it

Question 11. To display general instruction in the laboratory, which of the following factors should be least considered?

Answer is wordings

Question 12. In the laboratory disposal of spent materials are done on_______?

Answer is incineration

Question 13. Which of the items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?

Answer is revolving tools

Question 14. Which of the following equipment steam for sterilization?

Answer is autoclave

Question 15. Which of these is not a glassware?

Answer is pH meter

Question 16. One of the following is not a laboratory equipment?

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Answer is refrigerator

Question 17. Which of the following items is out of place in the report of your experiment?

Answer is Non of the above

Question 18. When you make a cut on a fruit from top to bottom along it length it is also called?

Longitudinal section

Question 19. Magnification of biological drawing is _________?

Answer is extension of the specimens on paper

Questions 20. Which of these statement is correct about biological drawing?

Answer is drawing should not be too small or too big?

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