Chm 191 introductory practical chemistry 1 TMA 3

Question 1 mole of solid per volume of solution in 1 cubic decimeter is_______?

Answer is molarity

Question 2 weight off solution in a gram per volume of solutions in cm3 multiply 100 is_______?

Answer is percentage weight by volume

Question 3 solution of which the concentration is accurately known is_____?

Answer is standard solution

Question 4 the label on a stock bottle of an acid read :35?

Answer is 700g/dm3

Question 5 a standard solution of a substance can be prepared if the substance can be obtained in _____state?

Answer is pure state

Question 6 in this equation 2NaHCO3 -> Na2CO3 + ? + CO3, the compound represent by is____?

Answer is H2

Question 7 the residue of a chemical reaction is allowed to cool in a_____?

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Answer is desiccator

Question 8 the label on a stock bottle of hair of an acid read :56?

Answer is 12.5moldm3

Question 9 the label on the stock bottle of an acid reads :56?

Answer is 2.0cm3

Question 10 from the equation 2HCl + Na2CO3 -> 2NaCl + CO2 + H2O, give that to mole of HCl react with one mole of Na2CO3 what was the concentrations of the acid?

Answer is 10.3moldm-3

Question 11 the procedure by which a solution of known concentration is added to another solution until the chemical reaction between the two solute is complete is?

Answer is titrimetric analysis

Question 12 the concentrations of pure HCl use in 11.7 molar if view one of 11.7 molar of c1 of HCl is dilated to 250cm then the new constitution will be______?

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answer is 0.935molesdm-3

Question 13 the solution whose concentration is known is called?

Answer is saturated solution

Question 14 there are _____ different techniques for determination of an unknown sample in titrimetric analysis?

Answer is 3

Question 15 the number of gram equivalent weight of solute in one cubic decimeter of solution is_______?

Answer is normality

Question 16 the types of solution that is prepared by weighing a pure solute dissolve it in a suitable solvent and make up the solution to a definite volume in a volumetric flask is________?

Answer is standard solution

Question 17 the point at which stoichiometriclly equivalent quantity of substance has been brought together is known as_____?

answer is equivalent point

Question 18 an organic substance which change colour in a saturated solution when an amount of the titrant added is equivalent or with negligible errors almost equivalent to the sample is_____?

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Answer is indicator

Question 19 there are _____ type of titrimetric analysis?

Answer is 3

Question 20 in titration, the standard solution is added from a_____?

Answer is burette

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