hazard label

Laboratory hazards symbols and sign

A hazardous substance label include a hazard warning symbol that indicates the overall label of the risk associated with using a chemical substance. On this post we are going to highlight all the hazard associated in the medicals and chemistry laboratories their name and the symbol assigned to them.

As shown on the picture below, they are the symbol a sign to chemical group base on their effect on human being.

Chemical Group effect on human body

Harmful: have a black diagonal across as a symbol representing them.

Corrosive: have in the form of content of a test tube dropping onto a hand representing them.

Oxidizing : have a flaming circle as its symbol representing them.

Irritant : have a black thick across as its symbol representing them.

Flammable: have flame burbling up as it symbol representing.

Explosives: have explosive ball as it symbols as it symbol representing them.

Other information’s on the label determines the magnitude dangers of the risk of the harmful when come in contact with skin and eye.

The safety phrase is that, avoid this listed above group of chemical come in contact with skin, and label must be printed on each of the chemical.


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