CHM103 Introductory physical chemistry tma3 question and answer

Tma3 CHM103 introductory physical chemistry

Question 1 Which of the following is not true of an solution?

Answer is it must be colourless

Question 2 which statement is correct?

Answer is as temperature goes up the ability of solids goes up

question 3 in gaseous solution the solvent is_______?

answer is gas

Question 4_______is there a ratio of molar enthalpy of a liquid to it boiling point?

answer is Trouton’s rule

Question 5 which of these mixture is not a nearly ideal liquid mixture?

Answer is carbon tetrachloride and silicon tetrachloride

Question 6 what is a compound?

Answer is substance which is made up of two or more elements chemically combined together

Question 7 which of the following is a pure substance made up of one type of atom?

Answer is element

Question 8 a mixture of graphite and diamond constitutes _________phases?

Answer is two

Question 9 molality is defined as the_______?

Answer is mole solute / kg solution

Question 10 the temperature at which the vapour pressure of a liquid equal the external pressure is called its_______?

Answer is boiling point

Question 11 pressure has an appreciable effect on the solubility of_______ in liquid?

Answer is solid

Question 12 the mole fraction of he in a gaseous solution prepared from 4.0g of He, 6.5g of Ar, and 10.04g Ne, lts _________?

Answer is 0.2
Question 13 the gaseous mixture is a______ phase system?

Answer is one

Question 14 the temperature at which a pair of partially miscible liquid become completely miscible is called______?

The answer is critical solution temperature

Question 15 what law states that the vapour pressure of a solution containing a non-volatile solute is equal to the vapour pressure of pure solvent x the mole fraction of the solvent?

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Answer is Henry law

Question 16 which of these assume the shape of the container and it placed?

answer is liquid

Question 17 which of the following statement is true about compound and mixture?

Answer is both mixture and compound always contain a fixed proportion of elements by mass.

Question 18 ethanol dissolved in water will be an example of________?

Cancer is a solution between two immiscible liquid

Question 19 which of these is not a colligative property?

answer is depression of boiling point

Question 20 which of the following is a pure substance made up of one type of atoms?

answer is an element

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