Chm 202 analytical chemistry 1 tma2 2018 question and answer

Question 1 why preparing a stock solution of ammonium nitrate a technologist weighted 0.5 g of the substance which actually is 0.7 with a faulty analytical balance the types of error that alcohol is called_____?

Answer is instrumental error

Question 2 which of the following is a property of a good sample?

Answer is a good sample must have the same characteristic or feature with that of the original population from where it is selected

question 3 gross sample is obtained from______?

Answer is population or whole

Question 4 a certain portion of a hole that is removed through any of the sampling method which correspond to the whole lot both in chemical composition and in particle size distribution is known as_____?

Answer is gross sample

question 5 ______is a method of decomposing an organic material by boiling the organic sample material with oxidizing mineral acid or mixture of acid?

Answer is wet digestion

Question 6 sample treatment whereby the water content of a sample is reduced is called____?

Answer is concentration

Question 7 all of the following are example of acid that can be composed many organic except?

Answer is carbonic acid

question 8 depth integrated sample are____?

Answer is sample collected over a predetermined part or to entire depth of an area with respect to location and time

Question 9 laboratory science sample is obtained from_____?

Answer is gross sample

Question 10 in chemical analysis the sample analyte is prepared to allow the effective attack of the region during reaction by____?

Answer is grinding and crushing

The end.

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