Question 1 the dimension of the matrix

1 2 5

3 2 8

1 0 -5 Is?

-2 1 0

Answer is 3 by 4

Question 2 an mtn matrix a is called a row reduced echelon matrix of?

Answer is

A. the non-zero row come before the rows

B. in each non-zero row the first non zero entry is one

C the first non zero entry in every non zero after the first row is to the right of the first 10 entry in the preceding row

The answer is all of the above

question 3 the determinant of

1 – 2 1

x 5 2x

3 -x 4

Answer is x² – 4x +5

Question 4 let T €A (V) then T is invertible off and only if the constant term in the minimal polynomial of T

Answer is zero

Question 5 every metrixs can be reduced to a row reduced echelon matrix by _______of the elementary row operation?

Answer is finite sequence

Question 6 one of the following is not a property of determinant?

Answer is?

Question 7 the determinant rank of an mtn matrix A is equal to the of A?

Answer is row (but not sure please confirmed it before you summits.)

question and answer is coming soon our teams are working on it

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