Containment(safety method of managing infectious materials)

One of the greatest hazard in the medical laboratories is contamination with infectious material.

Everyone that entered the laboratory is vulnerable 20 laboratory infection. As a result of this there is a growing concern about safety practice, procedures and facilities used in the laboratories. Sticking to the biosafety guidelines contribute to a good healthy and safer work environment for the laboratory personnel and the surrounding community.

On this post we are discussing on containment. containment is importantly describe the method of managing infectious agent and the laboratory environment where they are being handled or maintained. The importance of containment in the medical system mostly in medical laboratory is to reduce the number of exposure of laboratory workers, and other personnel and to prevent escape into the outside environment of a potentially hazardous substance.

Containment have 3 basic elements which includes;

1 laboratory practice and techniques
2 safety equipment
3 facility design

each of these will be discussed on the sub headline below

laboratory practice and techniques

It is advisable that every functional laboratory should accept or developed safety manual which specify or give guideline of practice and procedure that will help to reduce or totally eliminate risk in medical laboratory.

Personnel that work with an infectious material or agent must accept and adhere to a standard microbiological practice and techniques required for safe handling of such risk materials.

They should be kept reminding of the frequent hazard involved when handling a hazardous material that is improperly packed, broken or leaking package and of the proper guideline for handling and decontamination of the material.

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It is advisable a laboratory personnel to be vaccinated because these can conferred protection to the personal.

Safety equipment

in medical laboratory there are equipment designed to facilitate safety working environment.

The equipment include;

Biological safety cabinet and use of a closed container produced stop Aerosol formation.

There are other safety equipment which often used for personal safety.

They are laboratory coats or gown

hand glove

safety glass

face shield

Facility design

Design of laboratory facility is based on the use and the risk of transmission of infectious material being twisted in the laboratory.

the importance of laboratory facilities design include;

Isolations of laboratory working area from public access

Availability of decontamination of facilities such as autoclave and hand washing facilities

As the transmissions of hazardous agent arise sophisticated equipment such as

Ventilation specialised system equipment

Airlock at laboratory entrance

Separate building for specialised work should be made available to the laboratory personnel.

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