These method involve the use of biological means to achieve a desired control in the material before sterilization, this material are place in the thermocouple to confront the efficacy of the process. In this process pack are prepared with a biological control and place inside area of the load which cannot be access i.e. Bacillus stereothermophilus is a biological organism used to control autoclave, whiles, Because it confer resistant to autoclave.

Principle of this method work as follow; the spore of the organism is dried into a paper strips or some other reliable material and taken for sterilization, after the compilation of sterilization, the spore strip is removed and culture in a recommendable media at incubation of 56ºC which is the highest temperature for the growth of bacillus stereothermophilus.

The autoclave is made up of gauge these is one of the important instrument of the autoclave. Importantly the safety valve, pressure gauge, and recorder should be correctly calibrated and must be is in a good working condition.

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