Conclusively, this is one of filter that has superseded most of other filter used in the laboratory then. This type of filter is applied in many laboratory works. The membrane filter is now produce in a different form, such cellulose nitrate or cellulose acetate agreed in orderly reproduced cellulose.

This has several merit over other type of filtrate such merit are;

  1. Is not expensive, in such case can be quickly disposed
  2. Easy in handling compared to others
  3. Correct grading of spore sizes
  4. Lower retaining of solute

Due to it dimensional used, the membrane can also be used to count bacteria in water sample supplies. This work by passing a known volume of water via membrane filter, this are mostly apply in commercial water supply that assist in pumping many gallon of water via a single membrane. After the membrane is removed and put on a moisture pad, prepared with a specific liquid media the culture may be selective for pathogen bacteria to be culture. When incubated for specific period of time depending on a suspected pathogen the colonies are counted, for it to give the sum of the figure of live cells in the original sample. But if the membrane are treated with oil immersion they become transparent which are examined directly with microscope, this occur when the sample is stain with appropriate staining, by the following staining technique it yield the result of capture bacteria on their surface which is seen with the microscope.

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