Microbiology cultural techniques


This culture technique involved the following; stop culture, deep culture and roll culture.

Slope Culture: several test technique is used to classified micro organism preferably on solid medium, slope culture is one of the method mostly for isolation of micro organism, and also it may not necessary important for organism to growth on all petri dish medium. The mean reason while slope culture is adopted in field of microbiology world.

Principle: the technique involved the use of bottle or tube which are fill with half medium and bend slide half way, this take place when the media are in a liquid form, after it is allowed to solidify in the tube or bottle and after that, the technique for inoculation of specimen on the petri dish should be follow to inoculate the media.

Note: This technique is for subculture for isolating pure culture from a previous mix culture plate.

Deep culture: is another technique for isolation of pure culture in an anaerobic micro organism, it also called shake culture. When the media in a liquid form, they are distributed into a tube with a diameter X20mm and 6-7cm depth and allowed to solidify. When the media wanted to be used, they are melted to liquid form within the temperature of 30-45 ºC and inoculated with the sample of micro organism to be isolated, after that the tube or bottle is held on the palm of the hand rotated to mixture the media with an inoculated organism and then left at room temperature to solidify. After the solidification, the culture bottle or tube is incubated in an anaerobic jar.

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Result: anaerobic organism will growth at the bottom of the tube.

These method is also used for counting lively organism in the same way the medium is medium is melted back to liquid form, allowed to cooled take a known volume of water and mixed it with the organism, then poured it into a sterile petri dish incubate at appropriate temperature, the organism growth is counted.

Roll Tube culture: this method is also used to count lively micro organism. The technique principle is followed bellow;

The medium are distributed into 150x15mm tube the distribution should occupy 1-2ml per tube and then store for use. When the need arise the media are melted to liquid state at a temperature value of 50 ºC after these a known volume of the sample is added and mixed. The tube is sloped and role between the finger and thumb. The medium should be allowed to run round the tube side. The roll should not exceed half side of the mark. The role should be carried out on cooled tap water, there will be a thin film of agar solidify around the side of the tube, then is turn and incubated on the following day growth colonies is counted. By different mixture of culture with water, with these the bacteria inoculums take several means of reading, these yield a fairly exact count of lively micro organism which is obtained in the specimen.

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