Chm 203 organic chemistry ii TMA2 question and answer

Question 1 keto-enol tautomer is an example of proton tautomer. True or false?

Answer is true

Question 2 the two types of tautomerism include?

Answer is protein and valence tautomerism

Question 3 what is salvation?

Answer is the interactions of various mixture of solvent in the presence of dissolved species

Question 4 benzene can be isolated from the following except?

Answer is plant oil

Question 5 according to hukel rule for aromaticity which of this ring might be aromatic?

Answer is (4n+2)

Question 6 friedel craft reaction is limited to which one of these?

Answer is alkyl halides

Question 7 what is sulphonation of benzene?

Answer is the replacement of hydrogen from benzene sulphonic group

Question 8 the following a product of halogenation of benzene except____?

Answer is Iodobenzene

Question on catalytic reforming method depend on______ of aliphatic hydrocarbon?

Answer is the hydrogenation cyclation and isomerization

Question 10 right down the unreached huckel rule aromaticity?

Answer is

Aromatic molecule must be a cyclic conjugated species having (4n+2)n election where n is the integral of (n=0, 1,2,3) this mean that aromatic ring with 4,8 or 12 may not be aromatic

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