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Success guide of students during and after examination

according to oxford learner dictionary, examinations is a formal test of someone's knowledge or ability in a specific area or subject through written question or exercise.the word examination is derived from the latin word examinare this means to weigh correctly.Against this backdrop, you will agree with me that what we have in our society today is it very far from what it should be.

therefore dispose will go a long way to correct the various misconception about the subject matter and to also teach how to excel and have great satisfaction anytime victory is recorded.

True picture of examination

1 examination was perfectly designed to build men and women of great integrity. you, refusing to cheat during your exams is an act of high integrity.

2 examination was also designed to improve the intelligent quotient of a man or woman. this implies that the more the examination you pass, the more your ability to think very fast.

3 examination was ultimately designed to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge, fear and courage and lastly, illiteracy and literacy.

4 examination was design to test the student knowledge concerning a particular subject.

5 examination was also designed to help people develop a good reading habit.

6 examination was perfectly designed to help people love what they have decided to study or do.

7 examination was also designed to build men and women that great thinkers. such people rule the world.

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wrong picture of examination

1 it is very important to know that examination is not a do or die affair.

2 examination was not in any way designed to punish the student or the examined.It was designed to assist them develop the higher mental strength.

3 examination was not designed for a particular kind of people. it was for everyone that want to increase his or her knowledge.

4 it is also very important to know that examination is not a substitute of knowledge, but a test of knowledge.

5 examination is not in any way they once and for all things, it is a lifelong continuous process. when you skip early stage you will come handicap and the next stage. so avoid examination malpractice.

why most student fail examination

1 lack of proper preparation: anytime you fail to plan, you have already planned to fail. so has a serious minded student try and make use of your syllables always to prepare for your exams.

2 fire brigade approach: so many students fail the examination because they have to wait till few days or weeks to their exam before they start reading. this go a long way to make the student not to be self confident.

3 depending on the extra or external aids (espoo): so many students failed exams because of this simple reason. it make the student not to be properly prepared for the exams. because in most cases the ester it feel to come, the student in question become helpless and failure become unavoidable.

4 failure to learn from your mistakes or failure: whenever you fail any assignment, exam,class work or even test, try to always go back to the question again with the mind to correct yourself in the area you did not get right. when you fail to learn from your mistakes, you will surely make such mistake again.

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5 pressure from peer groups/ cultism: who is in the same age group or status with you is your peer group. anytime they influence you to involve a wrong things instead of doing what is right, we got that peer pressure. idolatrous worship that goes along with various ritual is called cultism. the above factors make the mind of the student to be divided and not interested in good moral or academy for, thus leading to failure.

6 premarital sex: this is referred to as sex before marriage. student that involve themselves in this act will always find it very difficult to concentrate on their study. this is simply because, there is a very strong link between the sections of our brain that control concentration, reading and remembering and the section that control our sex organs. whenever the sense organs are activated, heat reduce the interest for academic work, thus leading to failure.

some useful success tip before, during and after your examination

1 make sure you always stand attend classes because you never can tell when a surprise test will come up that may be part of your continuous assessment.

2 start preparing for your exams at least a month or two before the starting date.

3 the night before your exam should be a night of brief revision. don't reach althouht that night.

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4 try to eat moderately before you go for your exams. you may become uncomfortable in the examination hall if you don't control your food intake.

5 make sure you are abreast with the examination timetable always

6 try not to come too early or late to the examination hall. you may become too anxious if you go too early, and you may lose the examination time and even become apprehensive if you go too late to the examination hall.

7 make sure you come along with all examination material and document e.g. pencil, graph sheets, school fees receipt etc.

8 Make sure you read and understand all the instruction before you attempt answering the questions. if you didn't it may land you in trouble i.e. failure.

9 to avoid wasting precious times, always start answering the question you know best.

10 when you finish answering, cross examine your answer booklet to ensure that your examination numbers names and other necessary information are written appropriate.

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