Career Choice Job Superioroty and Job Opportunity

Job superiority

Generally, it should be noted that no carrier is superior to the other not even the medical doctor is superior to the receptionist. the difference between them is that they are different job in the same or in different establishment. all course / grade are equally independent and interwoven. most student and person have always concluded that

the doctor will get higher pay packet than the receptionist

the doctors make use of the receptionist by giving him or her instruction

1 the issue of the packet is dependent on the establishment both of them are working. any of them can get a higher pay. To further explain this, study this situation. a doctor in edo state clinic in rural village compared with a bachelor of art degree holder linguistic as a receptionist in chevron Nigeria limited port harcourt.

2 receptionist in the same establishment with a doctor get instruction from the doctor just as he or she designated job to the doctor. they work hand in hand. who get higher pay in this kinds depend on how many years they have both worked with the establishment. It is only after considering how many years they have both worked with the establishment, their qualification and what society they work in, admires, that one can actually decided their pay packets. the hospital as a case study. the medical doctor cannot diagnose any ailment without the help of a medical laboratory scientist. also in the industry, the principal outlined by the scientists are being worked on and carried out by the engineers, managed by the social scientists and protected by the lawyers. the protection is on the company; this imply none of them can function independently. based on this we can see that what we call superiority is actually divisions of labour and specialisation.

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Job opportunity

if this form the basis of comparison, it should be noted here that the available opportunities and different career have been systematically matched with the number of institution offering them and has the number of professionals produced. these are the jobs of the economist that decisions and demography at the federal ministry and some other federal government parastatals in nigeria. this is the reason. Electrical electronic engineering who’s graduate are needed in every industrial sector of the nigerian economy is studied in almost all university, polytechnics and college of education in nigeria, whereas petroleum engineering, which is restricted to only five university in nigeria. has the job opportunity available in any carrier is commensurate with the number of qualified manpower produced. why choosing a career, do not consider job opportunity as a major factor because even when you get one, you may not have the necessary satisfaction from it. what if you are not getting the necessary jobs satisfaction from it, it is even high time we become job creator instead of job seekers. this novel objective is realizable to effective career education geared towards professionalism.

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