Enviromental Science Subjects

Geography and fine arts etc.

According to the national education research and development council of nigeria,Student must enter and sit for a minimum of 8 subject or a maximum of 9 subject to qualify for the award of the senior school certificate. this will be made up off;

(a ) core subject

english language


one of nigerian language

one of physics, chemistry and biology

Agriculture Science or vocational subject.


(b) Elective

agric, applied electricity, arabic, auto mechanic, biology, building, chemistry, christian religion study, clothing and textile, commerce, economic, electronics, account, food and nutrition, french, further mathematics, geography, government, hausa, yoruba, islamic studies, igbo, literature in english, metalwork, Music, physical education, physics, shorthand, technical drawing, type writing, visual arts and woodwork.

student are allowed to choose a maximum of three elective subjects not chosen as core subject as shown above subject choice by accident due to unguided and unethical choice of career areas, more often than not lead to the conditions on the society by a group of disgruntled and frustrated individuals. subject choice decision made by nigerian students and other country that operator the 6-3-3-4 system of education at there ss1 and ss2 level of primary education. below is a list of some combination of elective and course that the qualified student for;

1 Physics, biology, chemistry, medical biological science

2 literature in english, government, law humanity

3 economy, administration.

Basis for Choice

1, 2 or 3 of the elective subject should be chosen and added to the core subject based on

1 students ability in them

2 how combinable they are

3 and student career target from his value, interest and aptitude.

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considering this, students should take out the combination subject from a list of subject that are best at, after which choose the combination set which requirement for the student career target. this formed the basis of subject choice students should follow

finally, it should be noted that carrier are not based on sex or religion linkage.

students should not consider their religion or sex while making choice, they should consider there family financial background and their physical ability or disability while making suitable career subject choice. this is because various career occupations require different length and cost of training, as well as varying physical ability.

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