Type of Career and personal qualities reqired

Traits and personalities suitable for each career

On this post we are going to discuss the personality traits that is suitable for different types of career, and how you can discovered your career based on your personality.

Every individual have a host of this quality we are all multi potential, with the dominant qualities expressing itself more.

Medical biological science qualities

The personalities and trait require in the medical science and biology science include;

1 kindness

2 emotional qualities

3 interested in the good health of people

4. possess high intelligent quotient

Engineering and physical sciences quality

the personality and trait reqiured in engineering and physical science include;

1 ruggedness

2 Masculinity

3 high intelligent quotient

4 creativeness ability

Architecture environmental study quality

the personalities and traits required in architecture and environmental studies include;

1 creative ability tourism abstractly

2 develop idea on how to make and break things

3 love for nature

law and humanities

Personality and traits required in law and humanities include;

1 logical reasoning ability

2 rational in action and speech

3 fluent in speech

4 good in argument and self-confidence

administration qualities

the personality and traits required in administration include;

1 conservative

2 emotional stability

3 enterprising and good leadership

4 managerial capabilities

accountancy quality

the personalities and traits required in accountancy study include;

1 ability to handle e fingers

2 conservative emotional stability

3 prudence in spending

4 high intelligent quotient

mass communication/ journalism and insurance quality

the personality and traits required in mass communication, journalism and insurance study include;

1 sociability

2 fulence in speech

3 extroverted

4 enjoy travelling to gather information

Teaching qualities

the personality and traits required in teaching include;

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1 kindness

2 extroverted

3 love for people people

agriculture quality

the personality traits required in agriculture include;

1 ruggedness

2 masculinity

3 love furniture

Hope with this post you can be able to determine traits of yours and the personality which will help you determine the career you want to choose.

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