CIT102: Software Application Skills TMA1 Question and answer

Question 1: _____________ the type of computer output device that emits radiation?

Answer is monitor

question 2: the name microcomputer is coined from the fact it is designed to use__?

answer is: microchip

question 3 one of these is considered as a computer standard input unit?

answer is keyboard

question 4______ is called the worhorse of a computer CPU?

Answer is main memory

question 5 one of these converts computer digital information into what we can understand?

answer is CPU

question 6___________ is considered as a computer peripheral?

Answer is external hard disk

question 7 the device that communicate with computer and interpret the data on a storage media is called___________?

answer is drive

Question 8: the in an effort to sort the allowance of staff using a computer, what part of the CPU is responsible for that?

answer is Arethmatic logic unit

Question 9: the central unit part of a central processing unit operate in the world is called the_______ circle?

answer is fetch- executive

question 10: CD drive are also known as_______?

answer is removable drive

Question 11_______ is the smallest unit for memory measurement?

answer is bits

question 12 one of these is not a component of a computer’s CPU?

answer is control unit

question 13 instruction given to the computer to execute are in form of ____?

Answer is command

Question 14 common storage device used by the computer are called_____

answer is flopydicks

question 15 a common keyboard has how many numbers of key?

Answer is none of these options

question 16 which of these is not a type of printer?

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answer it speed jet printer

question 17 which of these is not type of computer?

answer is midi computer

Question 18 a fourth generation computer is recognised for its use of_____?

answer is circuit

Question 19: _____ is responsible for the direct and indirect interconnections of computer device?

answer is computer cable

question 20

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