CIT102 Software Application Skills TMA3 Question and Answer

Question 1: _____ language programmer to solve a problem by indicating the procedure to be used by the computer?

Answer is procedure_ oriented

question 2: in______ phase of computer programming the problem is described and fully analyzed?

Answer is: first

Question 3:______ simply a graphical representation of a program, a file or a program activity which you can just double click to run or open?

Answer is: icon

Question 4: the file extension for bitmap or graphic image is_____?

Answer is: bmp

Question 5: _______ language and the machine_ independent language?

Answer is: low level

Question 6: every drive has what is called a root_____?

Answer is: file

Question 7: the third phase of a computer programming is also called the starting point of______?

Answer is Non of the options

question 8: A____ OS support many user to share the same resource or device of the computer system simultaneously?

Answer is: multi-user

Question 9: information created by using an application is stored in______?

Answer is: folders

Question 10: windows operating system is a typical example of OS that runs program and I ring them in_____?

Answer is: window

Question 11: a compiler translate the original program, call the source program into what is called the____?

Answer is: Object program

Question 12: The______ phase of computer programming of debugging or removing the first?

Answer is: fourth phase

Question 13 in computer programming the______ stage is where you as a programmer plan the logic of the solution?

Answer is design

Question 14 letter d is used for the_____ drive?

Answer is cd-room

Question 15 the data and time setting menu is found under_____?

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Answer is control panel

Question 16 the instructions meant to run an application are stored in______?

Answer is program file

Question 17______ language was developed to use symbolic name of mnemonic to alleviate some of the difficulties in using machine language?

Answer is assembly

Question 18 An/A_____ is a collection of computer programs that help you to run other programs and manage other device on the computer system?

Answer is operating system

Question 19______ is there an os that allow you to run only one program in the main memory and and processed data at a time?

Answer is single user os

question 20______ languages only language are computer actually understand?

Answer is low level

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