PHY192: introductory Physics practical ii TMA1 question and answer



Question 1: The critical angle for total internal reflection at air water interface is approximately 48 degrees ?

Answer is: light incident in air at 55 degrees

Question 2: refraction is a measure of the ______ as wave passes from medium to another?

answer is: velocity

question 3: which of this may not be a useful apparatus in an optical experiment?

answer is corodile clip

Question 4: which of the following is not true of experiment involving curved mirrors?

answer is: focal length is negative for a convex mirror

Question 5: in an experiment, potential difference is plotted on the vertical axis and current on the horizontal axis. the slope of the graph represent?

answer is: resistance

question 6: describe the image of a candle position 20cm in front of a concave mirror of focal length 30cm?

answer is: virtual, erect, 60cm the hero and magnify 3-time.

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Question 7: for a metallic conductor, ohm's law holds provided?

answer is: temperature remain constant

question 8: the potentiometer wire plays equivalent role of which of this device in a circuit?

answer is: rheostat

Question 9:Which of the following is not true about a rheostat?

answer is: it is a constant current instrument

question 10 calculate the distance and magnification of an object placed 20cm from a converging lens?

answer is: 60cm and 3 times the size of the object

Question 11: which of the following is correct about tracing ray diagrams with a curved mirror?

answer is: ray parallel and close to the principal axis are reflected through the principal focus

question 12: the diagram below shows a spherical surface that is silveredon both side.thus, the surface serves a double sided mirror, with one of the side being the concave and one being., the principal axis, focal point and centre of curvature are shown.The region on both side of the mirror Is divided into 8 sections (labeled, M,N,P,Q,R,S,T, and W) Five objects ( labelled 1,2,3,4, and 5) hashone at various locations about the double sided mirror. the image of object one will be located in section_____?

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answer is: M

Question 13: convex mirror are mostly used as?

answer is: driving mirror

question 14: which of the following is not applicable when plotting the graph of oppressed of experimental data?

answer is: the scale must be chosen to make the graph occupy as small as possible of the graft age

question 15: when refraction occurs which of the following remains unchanged?

answer is: frequency

Question 16: an estimate of the refractive index of glass is 1.5. if the angle of incidence is 30 degrees the angle of refraction is ?

Answer is: 19 degree

question 17: convex mirror are mostly used as:

answer is: driving mirror

question 18: in an experiment, involving a spherical mirror 1/v was plotted on the vertical axis and 1/u on the horizontal axis. what is the linear magnification?

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answer is: inverse of the slope of the graph

Question 19: which of the following is not true of the experiment involving curved mirror?

answer is: image distance is negative for the image

question 20 the image of an object is found to be upright and reduce in size. what types of mirror is: used to produce such as image?

answer is convex.

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