2018 CHM292 practical chemistry iv physical and inorganic TMA3 question and answer

Question 1 which indicator is suitable in the determination of vinegar concentration?

Answer is phenolphthalein

Question 2 which of these test is used to distinguish primary secondary and tertiary alcohol of six carbon or less?

Answer is lucas test

Question 3 in the reactions of halogen with carbon tetrachloride a violet colour indicates the presence of____?

Answer is iodine

Question 4 the heat energy given off or absorbed during this resolution process?

Answer is heat of dissolution

Question 5 which among the chromatographic techniques utilise the use of solid phase coated onto a solid support?

The right answer is thin layer chromatography (TLC)

Question 6 during preparation of acetone from 2-propanol the temperature is maintained at____?

Answer is 50 degrees celsius

Question 7 colligative properties could be used to determine___?

Answer is relative molar mass

Question 8 the general name for the method used to measure the amount of chemical species is called?

Answer is qualitative analysis

Question 9 natural or synthetic substance that change colour in response to the nature of the chemical environment are known as?

Answer is indicator

Question 10 what types of catalyst is needed for dehydration of alcohol?

Answer is acidic

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