Did you think Dino Melaye Kidnapped and release after court case he suppose answer has close, is true or Dino is playing with government?

there was an instigation that the kidnaps rumor of Dino melaye may not be true. This information come as result of his kidnap and released after few hour when the court case he supposed to answer have closed.

there are many information circulate, mostly on social media that Dino frame up the kidnap in order to escape the court hearing.

We can recall that few days ago, the serving senator who recently decamped to PDP from APC, has been kidnapped, when he is on his way to answer court case for attempting to take his own life for jumping out of moving car, when police arrest him to come and answer query of involvement on the allegation sponsoring some arm robber arrested in Kogi state, few month ago. Dino Melaye fail to answer the invitation letter issue to him by the police, so police have to go and arrest him, on the process of arresting him to bring him to Kogi state to come answer the query, the serving senator jump out from the moving car.

Dino Melaye

If those running this government know what is good for them, they would just leave Dino Melaye alone and focus on governance! Allow the man go with his drama!

FG charges Dino to court for attempting to take his life….On the day Dino was to appear in court, it was alleged he was kidnapped. “11 hours” after the courts must have closed for the day, Dino was released.

Can’t this government see that Dino is ridiculing them?

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Can’t this government see that Dino really has their time to drag them low to whatever low level they want to go?

Abeg leave Dino alone. If he wants to take his life, let him do so. Is it your life?

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