News update from kogi bye election: Kogi bye-election; Money is used to by Voters in some areas, while their stampede in some area

Voting is currently going on in kogi state now, but the deployment is that money is been used to buy the electorate, and party with highest money will take the lead. According the information made available by Jibril Usman said that

Voting in progress at Koton Karfe. We understand that money is used freely to buy up voters by political parties. We expect the party with the highest amount of money to throw away to take the day.

why according to him, in some area of the state there was stampede, the stampede was cause as a result of the policemen deploy to the area started shooting sporadically to scare voters away as result of the APC refuse to pay the voters the money they earlier promise them to give them if they vote for the party.

how is an update from a whatapp group

His statement read: Accreditation/Voting taking place peacefully in Kogi Local Government but in Lokoja Local Government at Adankolo specifically there was a stampede as policemen shot into the air sporadically to scare away voters who after voting for a particular party were not given the promised amount of money.


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