Ether preparations

Ether preparations


On this tutorial we going discuss on ether preparation


Ether is a family of organic compound with the following general formula



Ether are group into two which are symmetrical and asymmetrical ether for easy understanding of ether take a look at the following simple formula


With formula we can be able to understand the different between symmetrical and asymmetrical ether with following example

Symmetrical Ether

CH3-O-CH3                 CH3CH2-O-CH2CH3

methoxy ethane                   Ethoxy ethane

On the above have look at the example of symmetrical ether, hear we going to look at the example asymmetrical ether.

Asymmetrical ether did not have equal alkyl group attach the parent oxide of the equation

below is a typical example of asymmetrical ether

asymmetrical ether


methoxy ethoxy ethane

In preparation of ether, we have six general method adopted for the preparation, they are

      • Dehydration
      • Williamson sysnthesis
      • Heating akyl halide with dry silver oxide (AgO)
      • Oxymecuration
      • Reaction of lower halogenated ether with Grinard reagent
      • Action of diazomethane on alcohol


The above list, are the available method for preparation of ether.


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