How to fix Accu-chek Glucometer error

On this post an going to show you simple step to fix your Accu-chek Glucometer error.

Glucometer are prone to error and this error are caused by many problem by many fault some time when you have set your glucometer for an investigations to check your blood sugar level, instead of the machine to give you what you want, it will not instead you keep getting error error error error when ever you inserted strip on it. the error is to tell you that something is wrong somewhere and need to be fixed. So On this post I’m going to teach you on how to use methylated spirit with cotton wool to fix your accu check glucometer error. But before that we shall examine some details of the possible cause of of the error.

So let begins

  1. The error may occur as a result of your inability to push the strip inside the Glucometer properly.

If the strip is not properly fix I.e if the strip did not well push to reach inside of the Glucometer, it will keep display error anytime you want to used. So try and make sure that you push the strip inside the Glucometer to reach the end.

  1. If the Glucometer key is press down after inserting the strip before dropping the sample, it will give error when you finally drop the sample on the strip

  2. If the green area of the Glucometer strip is not cover fully at the time of dropping the sample, it will give error.

  3. If there is particle of blood or other debrish stick on surface area of the strip cover, it will show error anytime strip is inserted. In short number 4 is the major cause of error when using Glucometer.

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If you follows all the step from number one to three and are you are sure that everything is correct and the error still continue, then number 4 maybe the cause of the problem.

Here is the simple step to fix it.

  1. Open the strip cover area
  2. Sock cotton wool with methylated spirit, use it to clean on the surfaces where light always blink out, and also clean the back of the cover with. After that you Glucometer will be fine.

If don’t understand this step, please watch is video for proper understanding

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