TMA1 CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy Question and Answer

TMA1 CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy

Question 1. The number of peak passing a given point per second is referred to as_____?


A. Wavelength

B. Frequency

C. Wave speed

D. Wave Distance

The answer is B. Frequency

Question 2. Spectroscopy is the study of interaction of light and?


A. Energy

B. Matter

C. Atom

D. Element

Answer is B. Matter

Question 3. Which of these statement is true about election at the ground state?


A. They are highly unstable

B. they are highly reactive

C. They have high energy

D. They are most stable election

The answer is D. They are most stable election

Question 4. The measurement of light absorption by a solutions of molecule is governing by the______?


A. Pouls Rules

B. Hand rule

C. Aufbau rules

D. Beer-lambert law

Answer D. Beer-lambert law

Question 5. Low energy radiation have___?


A. No frequency

B. low frequency

C. Medium frequency

D. High frequency

the answer is B. Low frequency

Question 6. All are factors governing absorption of radiation in the uv visible region except


A. PH effect

B. Solvent effect

C. Temperature effect

D. Substituent effect

The answer is C. Temperature effect

Question 7. Uv visible spectroscopy has application in the following except?


A. Quantitative analysis

B. Quantitative analysis

C. Titration analysis

D. Determination of pka value

The answer is C. titration analysis

Question 8. The relationship between the energy of electromagnetic radiation and it wavelength can be view as _______?


A. Directly proportional to the wavelength

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B. Inversely proportional to the wavelength

C. it is equal to the wavelength

D. not related at all

The answer is B. inversely proportional to the wavelength

Question 9. In the uv spectroscopy the light source for the uv region is___?


A. Deuterium lamp

B. Tungsten lamp

C. Halogen lamp

D. Argon lamp

The answer is A. Deuterium lamp

Question 10. Which of these is not a vibrational mode which can occur in maclean group having absorbed IR radiation?


A. Skipping

B. Rocking

C. Wagging

D. Twisting

the answer is A. Skipping

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