Staphylococcus areaus on a blood agar after 48hours Incubation


Bellow is the picture of the growth of Staphylococcus areaus of High vaginal swab microscopic culture and sensitivity.

After 48hours of incubation bellow is the growth of microorganism isolated, with sensitivity.

How to read the result

First thing to do is to identity the microorganisms that growth, you do that by physical examination of the growth colony and then compared your colony with theoretical information of the various type of microorganisms. On this picture bellow we can observed that the growth colony are

round in shape

Appeared white in colour

And growth in chain form.

When compare this feature above to that of staphylococcus areaus, that is exactly the features of staphylococcus.

Now this how to reports your investigation: after 48 hours of incubation, growth of staphylococcus areaus +++ found. Now you may ask why +++? Yes you are right. + used in reporting the growth of colony signified the magnitude of the growth.

  • is used if scanty growth is observed

++ is used if moderate growth is observed

+++ is used if high growth is observed.

On the next paragraph we are going to read the sensitivity, before that, let outline the drugs incorporated into the sensitivity disc.

Drugs incorporated into the sensitivity disc

Bellow is the picture of Sensitivity disc use on the above culture.

Above picture are the drugs incorporated into the sensitivity disc

Now let read the results of the sensitivity

By examination culture plate above we can see that in of the ring of the sensitivity disc on the culture plate, there are no growth of colony seen, such as; Ofx, s, sxt, and cpx. Those area that there were no growth is a prove of sensitive of the drugs to colony on the culture plate. What it mean is that is the drug incorporated in dose ring which are effective to the microorganisms as such inhibit the growth then render the clean.

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Result can be reported as follow

Abbreviation names of drugs Sensitivity+ Resistance –

OFX Tarvid Sensitive+++

S Streptomycin +++

SXT Septrin +++

CPX Ciprofloxacin ++++

Au Augmenten Resistance –

PN Ampiclox Resistance –

CN Gentermycin Resistance –

PEF Reflocine Resistance –

NA. Nalidixic Acid Resistance –

CEP Ceporex Resistance –

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