There is quite large number of sophisticated material available for assisting the examination of the patient but correct information can be achieved from a general visual inspection. According to Oster he advised doctor to vividly observe patient before touching the patient this will help in case the power of visual observation by doctors and its is one of the highest diagnostic material.

For example wasting and hallmark of poor nutrition may signify chronic disease.

Poor grooming or slack posture may indicate depression or low self esteem.

Inspection started by general visualisation of the physical appearance of the patient, state of nutrition and posture, with this point the doctors may now proceed to specify the examination such acts examine the skin looking for redness or other evidence of ailment which may include nail thickening hair loss and muscle or any other consultation about previous change in the skin lesion that might have signified early cancer.

Nail examination may provide necessary information about systematic disease clubbing of the nail broadening of the nail bed with carved and shiny nail may signify congenital heart disease oncogenic carcinoma obstructive pulmonary disease or other disease such as cardiac or pulmonary condition small nail hole on the nail occur to 50% patient with psoriasis infection.


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