1. All of the following are methods of beneficiation of ore except______?
  2. Gravity separation
  3. Gravity separation
  4. Froth flotation
  5. Mechanical process

The answer is D. Mechanical process

  1. Calculation, roasting and smelting are different steps involved in _____?
  2. Pyrometallurgy
  3. Pyrometallurgy
  4. Electrometallurgy
  5. Manometallurgy

The answer is A. Pyrometallurgy

  1. _______ is the process of heating concentrated ore in a limited supply of air to high temperature but below the fusion temperature
  2. Smelting
  3. Smelting
  4. Kroll’s process
  5. Thermal reduction of metals

The answer is Calcination

  1. Most lanthanides and actinides are ______?
  2. Pentavalent
  3. Pentavalent
  4. Hexavalent
  5. Trivalent

The answer is D. Trivalent

  1. The central atom or group of atoms co-ordination compounds act as______?
  2. Lewis acid
  3. Lewis acid
  4. Ligand
  5. A nucleophile

The answer is A. Lewis acid

  1. Free metals can be obtained from their compound by ______?
  2. Casseterite method
  3. Casseterite method
  4. Pyrometallurgy
  5. Selective reduction

The answer is C. Pyrometallurgy

  1. Liquation is a method of ________?
  2. Benefaction of ores
  3. Benefaction of ores
  4. Metallurgical process
  5. Reduction of metals

The answer is

  1. Liquid having two donors atoms are called_____?
  2. Bidendate ligand
  3. Bidendate ligand
  4. Polydendate ligand
  5. Homodendate ligand

The answer is A. Bidendate ligand

  1. Unwanted minerals (impurities) mind with ores are called______?
  2. Native mineral
  3. Native mineral
  4. Gangue
  5. Carnalite
  6. Pre-treatment of ores by cheaper methods based mainly on physical properties without altering the chemical properties of the ores is known as_____?
  7. Benefication of ores
  8. Benefication of ores
  9. Gangue
  10. Metallurgy

The answer is A. Beneficationof ores

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