Question 1. The excited state of an electron is when an electron?

  1. Gained energy
  2. Absorbs or emits electron
  3. Fragment into smaller particles
  4. Ready to take part in chemical reaction

The answer is A. gained energy

Question 2. According to Aufbau principle, maximum of two electron are put into?

  1. Decreasing orbital energy
  2. Spinning orbital energy
  3. Stable orbital energy
  4. Increasing orbital energy

The is Answer is D. Increasing orbital energy

Question 3. According to Niehls Bohr (1923), the electronic structure of the atom can give insight of?

  1. The energy level of the element
  2. Periodicity in the property of that element
  3. Neutrality of that element
  4. Non of the above

The answer is B. Periodicity in the property of that element

Question 4. The configuration that correspond to the lowest electron energy is called?

  1. Excitation state
  2. Absorption state
  3. Ground state
  4. Emission state

The anwers  is C. ground state

Question 5. The arrangement of electron as they _____ around the nuclei of atoms is called?

  1. Atomic configuration
  2. Atomic energy
  3. Quantum configuration
  4. Electronic configuration

The answer is D. electronic configuration

Question 6. The movement of electron from one energy level to the other result in?

  1. Lost or gain of energy by the electron
  2. Absorption or emission of energy
  3. Absorption of photon
  4. Emission of photon

The answer is B. Absorption or emission of energy

Question 7. If an electron shell can accommodate 2(n2) electron, how many electrons can occupy first, second and third shells?

  1. 2, 8 and 18
  2. 2, 4 and 18
  3. 2, 3 and 4
  4. 6, 9 and 18
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The answer is A. 2, 8 and 18

Question 8. The knowledge of electronic configuration led to the following revelation except?

  1. The structure of the periodic table of elements
  2. The chemical bond that hold atoms together
  3. The peculiars properties of laser and semiconductor shells and sub-shells
  4. The quantum theory

The answer is D. the quantum theory

Question 9. The electronic configuration of phosphorus can be written as?

  1. 1S­­22S22p63S23p3
  2. 1S­­22p63S23p3
  3. 2S­­22S22p63S23p3
  4. 1S­­22S22p63S23p2

The answer is A. 1S­­22S22p63S23p3

Question 10. The electronic configuration of neon is given as 1S­­22S22p6, indicate the shell that will most determine the chemistry of neon?

  1. 2S2
  2. 2p6
  3. 1s2
  4. 3p2

The answer is B. 2p6


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