Use and care of centrifuge

Use and care of centrifuge

Just like other instrument need care so also did centrifuge, below are some of the used and care for centrifuge;

  1. Make sure that you balance the centrifuge by making sure that the weigh equal to the sample to centrifuge is place opposite to the sample.
  2. Examine to make sure that the bucket is accurately moderated.
  3. When dispensing the sample into the tubes, leave at least 2cms below the rim of the centrifuge tube.
  4. Cover the tube properly when using a dangerous infectious sample.
  5. Check that the tubes are of accurate length to avoid breakage while centrifuging due to the swinging out of buckets when using a swing-out rotor head.
  6. While rotating ensure never to try stopping the centrifuge by hand.
  7. Until the rotor is at complete rest/stops, do not open the centrifuge. Some centrifuge do prevent opening while rotating due to the availability of locking device on them.
  8. While maintaining the centrifuge from time to time use a disinfectant which isn’t corrosive.
  9. The maintenance of the centrifuge should be followed accurately as written in the centrifuge machine manual.
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