sputum examination

Sputum: these examination may classified into two groups the one for examination of mycobacterium turberculosis and the sencon for examination of normal mouth flora such as;




Fusiform bacilli

Non haemolytic streptococcus

Step for examination of Normal Flora Sputum

The appearance of the sputum should be noted, either it is blood stain, salivary mucoid, or purulent.

The sputum should be homogenize by shaking with sterile ringers solution and glass led, or add 1% of pancreatin and incubate for 1 hour. Culture the sputum with a blood agar or any other medlar regularly for the flora culture.

Make a smear from the sputum and stain with Ziehl-Neelsen and gram stain or auramine phenol. The blood agar plate should be incubated at 35ºC aerobically and identify any growth of colony in the next day.

Some of the organism that may likely to be found in the culture are;

Klebsiella Pneumoniae

Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Haemophilus influenza

Haemolitic streptococcus

Pseudomona auruginosa

Staphylococcus aureus

The following is a ringer solution which can be used for homogenized of sputum

Sodium chloride                                                          9.0g

Sodium bicarbonate                                                    0.2g

potassium chloride                                                      0.42g

calcium chloride                                                          0.48g

Distilled water                                                            1000ml

Pancreatin use for homogenized sputum is follow onto a sputum, add 1g of panceatin follow by the following substance;

Buffer solution                                    7ml

Sterile normal saline                          100ml, made of the following composition

0.2M NaOH                                      1 volume

0.2M KHPO3                                   1.2 volume.

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