Regular sex boost mental health of a women

Regular sex boost woman mental health. The recent research conducted by a team of scientists reveal that sex is one of the major essential things that relieves pain from woman. On the research the scientists reveal that regulations sex boost the production endorphins hormone that is responsible for happiness. The scientists revealed that women who have more active sex and are into a long term relationships are less likely to be depressed than women who do not undergo regular sexual activities. They claim that sex is not only important for reproductions but also is a remedy for persistent headache in women. Regular sex boost self esteem because sex boost endorphins level. They also go further to reveal that regular sex assist womens that is over weight to lose calorie and as well as helping them to sleep better. Orgasm trigger the release of endorphins which often secreted by the brain, the endorphins then act as an effective pain killer. Sex Is one of the essential part of life. sex is made obligatory to married men and women. Sex has been the means of reproduction of which member of people consider sex to be the essential only when they are ready to reproduce. the recent research has proven that sex has another importance most especially in women’s life the researchers claim that sex boost a mental health of a woman. You are advice to have sex regularly with your husband in other to keep your mental state of health up date

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