PHP developer are computer programmer that specialized in using PHP programming language to develop website, phone application and many more.

Introduction to PHP programming

On our last post, we discus on integrated development environment, on these post we going discuss on incorporating php within html, but before that let take view of how our website look like and what did we really required to build a standard websites.

To do justice to the point raise above, production of website page required the combination of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and some of MySQL. That means a standard website required all the programming language listed above.

Also a website page might have a page in which each of these page led to another page, to give user access to click through and then fill a form, if the need be. As a beginner in programming, you are advice to skip that for now because of the complexity and then focus vividly on writing PHP code and make sure that you understand what you are writing, how did you understand what you are writing? You will know that you understand what you are writing when your output is what you expect.

The PHP document end with .php. Extension so whenever a web server meet these extension in a file request, instantly it passed it to PHP processor.

What you must understand is that web servers are extremely configurable, and some website developer depend on forcing the file to end with htm, or html, they do that by letting the html to parse the PHP processor. Most of the developer that do that do it because they do want to hide the fact that they are using php.

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PHP program take the responsibility of passing a clean file back for good display on a web browser.

It is easier for PHP document to give out only HTML, you can confirm these by taken any normal HTML document, for example index,html file and save it as index.php, when you view these code on your browser it will display the same original view as when they are save with html extension.

To begin your php command, you need to learn a new tag. Each of the programing language have their own tag, the php tags begin with <?php .

<?php is the open tag and before your browser will recognize these tag as language that must be executed, it must be close, with a closing tag which is writing as ?>.

?> is the closing tag. So in any PHP programing, or any program writing with php language must begin with the open tag and end with the closing tag.

What it means is that the entire php program is writing inside these two tag.

For example let write our first program, which when run it will display Hello World!


echo “Hello World!”;


So when we run the above code now, we will get Hello World!

Another way of writing php tag is <? As the open tag and ?> as the closing tag. So when we write the above program using these tag, it still give us the same result.

Try these code and see what will be the outcome;


echo “Hello World!”;

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Now we know how to write our first php program, then we can incorporate the program into html.

Now show you how to do that on the example below;



<title>Hello World!</title>




echo “Hello World!”;




Above code is the example of how to incorporate php code to html code.

We have come to an end of these discussion, if you have any question or observation, please drop it on the comment section below.

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