Running php Remotely


If you are not certain or you don’t want to install PHP on your computer system, you can test your development code on a web hosting account, you purchased with any web hosting company. But these process of testing website code development is simpler for those developers that used UNIX-type server such as Linus or BSD, these process need UNIX-type server that support SSH access, with this way, it is easier to connect to server with SSH, after connection you can test your development code and as well develop your code right on your hosting server using command line.

But before you can gain access to web server through SSH, it is necessary to have SSH client. Ubuntu install SSH package, if the package is not installed before.

If you are using window, try putty ( mac operating system come with SSH client that is preinstalled.

What you should understand is that SSH is for code development, so if the company hosting your website do not support SSH, then you have no other way than to write your PHP script on your computer development machine with text editor like Notepad, and then upload it to your hosting server through FTP to be tested.

Please remember that these can be boring, as a result of having to wait for your code to be uploaded anytime you want to test your code.

That’s the end of the lesson, please if you have any question and answer do well to drop it in the comment section below. Thanks once more for visiting our website.

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