2 way to save microsoft word document

Simple to save Microsoft word document to a computer

When you are typing with Microsoft word, there are two way to save your document. On these post we will teach you how to save your work easily on Microsoft word.

  1. You can save your work with the use of short code, Ctrl + S key.

To save your work with short code, click on Ctrl + S key simultaneously, or click on Ctrl hold the key and then click on S key on your keyboard, it will take you to a page shown below asking you to enter the name of your document.


After you get to a page showing above, typing in the name of your document and then click save you are done.

2. Another method of saving Microsoft word document, is by going through file.

To save your document through file, click on file on top bar of your window, it will display a drop down menu shown below


Then click save on the drop down menu, give your document name and then click save as shown on the first example. You are done. Thanks for reading. Drop your comment on our comment section if you have a question or suggestion.

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